Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New Men's Line of Jewelry

Since I made the switch from the polymer clay pendants to these glass & metal ones, one issue has been providing pendants for men.  The circles are a nice big size and could work but I decided to start a new shape for them in rectangles.  These are also fine for women.
I thought about continuing the previous cord option (where I tie the adjustable knots) but then decided to go with ball chains so these hang dog-tag style.  The chains are available on the other pendants too.  I'll probably add them as an option & replace the tied cords all together but that's a lot of editing and I have so many new ones to add.

New painting, Cats on a Spring Night

Here is one of my most recent paintings, Cats on a Spring Night:
 This subject was a suggestion from someone who had, as you can guess, an orange tabby and a long-haired black cat.  I'm always happy to get suggestions.  Although I have an extensive "to do" list of painting ideas, I often cast about myself when I'm in between paintings, like now.

 In addition to providing the print options, I'm also trying to include the pendant on the same page:

I have gotten so lazy about posting to my blog.  My apologies.  You know how it is...everyone offers that little Tweet or FB button and it's so easy to click that.  I will try to catch up...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Exciting News...Buy my Jewelry on Amazon!

Yes it's true!  You can now use your Amazon gift cards and points to buy my jewelry on Amazon.  I will be fulfilling the orders so you'll still get the personal touch :-).

I am filling up my shop as quickly as possible.  I currently have something over 100 different pendants in stock (and new ones all the time).

It's quite a milestone.  Amazon restricts the number of jewelry sellers and you have to go through a couple rounds of review.  It's an honor to be included.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Pendant

 New pendant, Shinto Lantern at Dusk.  I kept the first one of these I made.  Goes beautifully with gray, olive green, orange or even basic black:

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Pendant Style, 1" Square

New Pendant Style

The Harvest Crows pendant is part of a new line of pendants in 1" squares.  Two crows, or ravens, watching the sun set as autumn leaves dance in the air. The sky is in shades of yellow, deepening to amber.  Offered as a handmade pendant from my original painting.

New pendant, "Dreaming of a Raven"

New pendant...Dreaming of a Raven A raven gazes at a lovely lilac point Siamese cat. Both are illumined by the full moon as bright autumn leaves dance in the night sky, which is in shades of muted plum and purple. This visionary landscape is part of the Dreamscapes series, which combines my original paintings with digital enhancements. The grunge texture and imperfections give the images a weathered, timeless feel.