Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New painting:

Wishes by a Stone Lantern
Wishes by a Stone Lantern

The full moon illuminates dandelion globes. On a distant hill stands a twisted pine tree. On a closer hill, a Japanese stone lantern casts golden light over the scene. The night sky is in shades of lavender, lilac and purple. This visionary landscape is an original acrylic painting on a gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (the 3/4" sides are finished off in purple acrylic)--no need to frame. It has been lightly varnished to protect the paint and preserve the lustrous colors. The copyright watermark does not appear on the actual painting. Size: 14" x 11"

Offered at $500 and prints and pendants are available.

Monday, May 24, 2010

New .99 ACEO print listing, Dragonfly in Teal Moonlight. The original painting is sold but you can pick up one of these collectible, limited edition prints--once the edition is sold out, it's gone.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Finished the ginkgo leaf triptych:

Ginkgo Leaves Triptych
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It's hard to show the scale on a small screen. It is a set of three 16 x 20 canvases (total size is 48" x 20"). I went with a morning/noon/night theme.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Worked away on the ginkgo leaf painting (the first in the triptych). The water is done and I gesso'd in the basic form of the leaves. I thought that would be best, yellow paint being varying degrees of transparent. When the gesso dries, I'll put in some shading of vermillion & raw sienna, then top it off with yellow ochre & cad yellow. At this point, I'm thinking I will also put in water drops on the leaves. It's been years since I did a painting with water drops.

I've been planning this one for months. Ages ago, I picked some ginkgo leaves then went home and took various photos. I dropped them randomly, arranged them, all sorts of stuff, then looked at the photos and chose one. This one has five leaves.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Still working on the gingko leaf triptych (I'm going to call it that, in the hopes that I'll finish it ;-)). So far, I only have the first one started, with circles in the gray water. The other two will have rust/dark red and purple backgrounds. I may have to get more 16x20 canvases. I also promised a lovely person I'd do a painting with her two gray tabbies (probably a blue background on that one). It was a busy week...lots of print & pendant orders, which I am grateful for. Hopefully, more time to paint over the weekend.