Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New Men's Line of Jewelry

Since I made the switch from the polymer clay pendants to these glass & metal ones, one issue has been providing pendants for men.  The circles are a nice big size and could work but I decided to start a new shape for them in rectangles.  These are also fine for women.
I thought about continuing the previous cord option (where I tie the adjustable knots) but then decided to go with ball chains so these hang dog-tag style.  The chains are available on the other pendants too.  I'll probably add them as an option & replace the tied cords all together but that's a lot of editing and I have so many new ones to add.

New painting, Cats on a Spring Night

Here is one of my most recent paintings, Cats on a Spring Night:
 This subject was a suggestion from someone who had, as you can guess, an orange tabby and a long-haired black cat.  I'm always happy to get suggestions.  Although I have an extensive "to do" list of painting ideas, I often cast about myself when I'm in between paintings, like now.

 In addition to providing the print options, I'm also trying to include the pendant on the same page:

I have gotten so lazy about posting to my blog.  My apologies.  You know how it is...everyone offers that little Tweet or FB button and it's so easy to click that.  I will try to catch up...