Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pinnacles National Monument

I am lucky to live in a place with so much inspiration. On Saturday, I visited Pinnacles National Monument. Here is my first view:

We decided to take the most popular route, which goes up to a reservoir. We passed under this seasonal waterfall.

The most challenging part was passing through this cave. We thought we'd hit a dead end but my trusty guidebook explained that you had to crawl through a half-fallen boulder.

After climbing up a narrow stone staircase, we reached the reservoir.
We walked around that for a little ways and sat on the rocks for a while before making our way back.

One of the fun things is that this route is a loop so you see different things on the way back, like this window rock formation:

Look for paintings of my expedition in the near future :-).


TeAnne said...

They look great Laura :)

Kristen said...

How suprised I was to read this entry - Pinnacles is just around the corner from us. (Yes, we're 2 of the population of 200 in Paicines - LOL!) Nice photos! I have some of my own Pinnacles photos in this album of my gallery:

Laura said...

What a coincidence! I remember seeing the town. We are about two hours away. I already want to go back. I hope to have some paintings done soon, while the visit is still fresh in my mind.

Sal said...

Whar a brilliant place - that would be a massive source oif inspiration!