Monday, July 02, 2007

I am creating art in a new size, 5" x 5" square. Frames are readily available in this collectible size. I am doing both originals and reproductions. Here is an original, "Tad in Cherry Blossoms":

etsy Item 6340760

Tad, an orange tabby cat with white paws and chest sits in branches of cherry blossoms, illuminated by the full moon. The night sky is in shades of blue deepening to indigo. Some of the petals are dancing in the air. This piece, part of the Zen Mandala modern art series (botanical abstract landscapes in a contemporary Asian style), is a miniature original acrylic painting. Please see my etsy store for other 5" x 5" pieces (I am getting them up on other venues too but the complete selection is on etsy).

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