Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here is my latest painting, "Calico Tea Meditation":

Calico Tea Meditation
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The water has been poured over the tea, but the empty cups must wait until the time is right. A lovely calico cat drifts off to sleep while the tea steeps. Steam rises from the pottery tea pot. The clay tea pot and cups have a leaf motif. On another table, branches of cherry blossoms arc gracefully from a black vase. The wallpaper depicts plum blossoms on swirling water. Inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony. This square zen landscape is an original acrylic painting on a gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (the 3/4" staple-free sides are finished off in black acrylic) and can be hung with just a nail—no need to frame. It has been lightly varnished to protect the paint and preserve the lustrous colors. The copyright watermark does not appear on the actual painting.

The model for the tea set was from the amazing gallery of Tara Robertson Pottery.

Size: 10" x 10"

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