Monday, February 23, 2009

Nibblefest time again...

For those that don't know, nibblefest is a monthly art "contest" on ebay. All entries in the theme start at only .99. It starts on the 20th and runs through the 27th of each month. I don't normally run auctions on eBay anymore but, out of a sense of nostalgia or continuity, I tend to do nibblefest.

This month's theme is vintage cats. I submitted two auctions, as close as I could come.

The first is a black cat pendant on cord (from one of my paintings).

The second is an ACEO (mini) print of one of my recent paintings of a tortie cat that I felt had an old-fashioned spin to it, Cherry Blossom Waltz

I hope these little bargains find good homes :-).

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