Sunday, May 17, 2009

We adopted a kitten yesterday :-). I had gone to the pet food store in search of catbox liners. There wasn't a sign out for adoptions so I didn't think there'd be any kitties there today. I made my way to the back of the store to find a bunch of kittens.

I'd always wanted an orange kitten with white paws but, for one reason or another, had ended up with other wonderful cats (we'd recently lost our cat, Megan, to cancer and Salem (my 10-year old cat) had been lonely).

Salem took to the new kitten, whom we named Loki after the trickster god in Norse mythology, right away. They seemed immediately in sync. They played together...
Then had a nice meal together. Loki had fallen asleep in an inaccessible area under an easy chair but came out when we had dinner. I showed him the food dishes and he tucked right in, finishing Salem's dinner. Salem didn't mind at all.
Loki adapted easily and I was surprised at how independent he is. In no time, he was fearlessly exploring. After several rounds of playing, eating and napping, he jumped up on the back of the couch and purred himself to sleep. An excellent first day.


missknits said...

awwwww loki is soooo cute!!! how fun!

nina kuriloff said...

your new cat is very cute. :-)

Sylvia Kubilus-Elam said...

My kitten, Squeaker, is still such a joy. She is a year old now but still precious and playful as ever....but most of all,a cuddle-bug!!

Loki is adorable with really unique markings...enjoy!

Sylvia Elam (from Trade-A-Holics)