Saturday, September 05, 2009

Welcome our new addition, Sky.

We decided to adopt right away this time. Loki, our dear little kitten, is the sort who likes a playmate. We went back to the same shelter where we found him,

I'd seen Sky on one of my trips to the pet store last week (the local petsmart always has some there for adoption). She was sleeping so peacefully then woke up, looked at me with those enchanting blue eyes, reached out a little paw, and fell back asleep. She looked about the same size as Loki. When we found out Salem had terminal cancer after all, and had to be put down, I thought of her. When we adopted Loki, the lady at the shelter had said that many healthy young animals were being put down for not having homes. safehaven is no kill but I figure that, if I take one of theirs, that frees up a spot for another one.

Sky didn't have a name. She'd been a stray and the people who found her decided not to keep her and contacted safehaven. I spent some time trying to come up with a name. I looked up various goddess names from different cultures but I kept coming back to "Sky" (on account of those beautiful blue eyes). When Diane, the safehaven person, asked me about her name and I told her "Sky", she said how that was her brother's name. That cinched it for me--a good omen.

Like many kitties getting used to their new surroundings, Sky spends some amount of time behind or under things. I wanted to get a pic or two to post ASAP, though. She looks like a fairly traditional Siamese, except a bit furrier and her tail has a little white tip.

And I thought I'd post a new one of Loki too. Sky growls a little but that could just be a "siamese thing." They were bred to be guard cats after all. But they play together. Sky is quickly overcoming her initial reticence. I woke up to find her on my chest meowing to be petted. I petted her for quite awhile and then she curled up and went to sleep. Sweet girl.


Kim said...

Loki is the cutest and sky is adorable...


missknits said...

awww sky looks so sweet! love the photos! and i bet loki will love having a new playmate!

First Light Glass said...

Sky sounds like the perfect name!

Anonymous said...

Sky is beautiful and looks so serene. Wonderful that she is connecting so well so soon!

Loki is adorable and goofy as fits his name.

RIP Salem gone but never forgotten.