Thursday, April 22, 2010

Took a little trip to Santa Cruz yesterday. It was pouring here so we knew we were taking a chance but it was just fine there. Perfect for my purposes (stormy, dramatic skies but not raining). It did rain right near the end of our walk and it was a bit cold for someone coming down with a cold (like me) but worth it :-). We parked in Lighthouse Field:

Then saw a seal on the rocks:

Walking back, we took the other side of the street and passed Darling House, a Bed & Breakfast (which is up for sale). Beautiful garden blooming in the front, including these black tulips:


CTStudios said...

Just envision buying that sweet house and drawing in the garden. What bliss !.

Laura said...

I thought the same thing, CT. I could have a gallery downstairs (there's a big picture window).

nina kuriloff said...

Lovely shots, Laura!