Sunday, June 06, 2010

We thought we'd beat the heat today and head over to Half Moon Bay. Unfortunately, there was a bicycle marathon of some sort going on down Highway 92 (not really wide enough to accommodate it), so we decided to go a little further up the coast to Rockaway Beach in Pacifica. It's been quite awhile since we visited this lovely spot. As is often the case, hot weather inland translated to cool fog along the coast.

This area, in general, always has interesting foliage growing in the sand dunes:

I liked this dramatic view of the beach from a bluff with wildflowers:

This looks like a good spot for a mermaid painting :-):

We walked as far as this wonderful cypress tree, which I'd spied from the road as we went past:

You can expect to see it in a painting at some point soon :-).


Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't know that you actually went to spots like that to do a painting! That's so neat!

Mark Thaler

Laura said...

I don't usually paint on the spot, Mark, but I take my camera with me everywhere, always thinking about what would make a good painting (takes my mind off how far I'm walking ;-)).