Friday, July 23, 2010

New pendant, A Raven Remembers Spring:

Mermaid at the Golden Gate Bridge

A raven, or crow, gazes at the setting sun in the yellow sky. Ghostly, transparent cherry blossoms light on the tree branches. This visionary landscape, part of the Golden Glow modern art series, is offered as a fine art pendant, hand crafted by the artist. Made from polymer clay with the print baked into it, then sealed for protection with resin, giving the image a glass-like quality.

A couple years ago, I started making pendants of my paintings out of polymer clay. I should say, several years ago. That's when I got the idea to do it but it took a year to learn how to use the clay properly and do the image transfer with an inkjet printer.

I just got different transfer supplies for this, and here's one of the first pendants (the first to use both the new transfer material, and a resin coating). One wonderful thing about the new transfer materials is that I can do different shapes, such as this oval of my painting, "A Raven Remembers Spring."

I wasn't sure at first about the resin because it's so shiny...nearly blinded myself setting it out in the sun to cure (this type cures in direct sunlight). But I love it. For one thing, it's fully waterproof, fog proof, all that stuff. And it's thick enough to compensate for any little bumps or such in the image. As these are hand-sculpted, some degree of "handmadeness" is a good thing but you don't want to go overboard ;-).

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