Saturday, September 18, 2010

I very seldom do work-in-progress shots but I'm working on a new piece that combines my "zen moon" with more gothic elements. My favorite poem has always been Poe's "The Raven" so I thought I'd take a hand at doing a painting or two from it. This will (eventually) be the ghost of Lenore with the raven. I started out with a blank canvas and used artist tape to mask off the window. This was to both help give me guidelines to work with and to keep me from unnecessarily filling up canvas with sky, then covering it over.

Next, I painted in a night scene using prussian blue, white and a little pthlalo blue:

I still had prussian blue on the palette so I blocked in other elements (deciding on striped wallpaper):

And now, I added some warmer tones with raw sienna and red oxide:

That's it so far. I plan on doing a "sponge" effect on the wallpaper, and hopefully adding calla lilies to the stripes. After that, it's the wooden window frame. Then the drapes. Then the ghost of Lenore & the raven.

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Darcy said...

Totally cool! I have no artistic ability so it's very interesting to see a work in progress. And you already know I adore your work. Plus you are doing my favorite genre. Don't forget me when you are famous.