Saturday, January 08, 2011

I am inspired to work on more ghost paintings so I looked up some older cemeteries to visit. Today, we went to Los Gatos Memorial Park (in San Jose, California). We had the puppy with us so we couldn't go in. I took some photos at the entrance gate (where there was a crow...I thought that a good omen) and where the hedge was low enough. We saw there was another entrance on the other side but we couldn't find it so that will have to wait for another trip. Here are some images from the excursion:


Darcy said...

That one photo's tree is as vibrant as you paintings. Also could help to see the crow, also a subject in some of your artwork.
Some day I hope to do some cemetary scouting if I ever have the energy. Oh to live near a person with similar intersts.

Laura said...

That would be great! I'd love to see photos from cemeteries in other areas. I'd like to find more abandoned ones like the first ones I took photos of. I also hope that, one day, I will get a ghostly surprise on one of the photos :-).